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What is the Applied Solar Energy Solar Homes Package?
Under the Solar Homes Package, there are different discounts for sunlight based items accessible for holders and inhabitants to receive and lessen their electricity bills.

Rebates that are currently available:

  • * Solar panel rebate for homeowners
  • * Solar panel interest-free loans for house owners.
  • * Solar battery rebate
  • * Solar panels for rental properties
Eligibility criteria for the Solar Home Packages

To apply to exploit the applied solar energy discounts you should meet certain qualification criteria, this incorporates:

  1. * Must be the proprietor occupier of the property
  2. * Proprietors recorded on the rates notice have a joined assessable pay of under $180,000 every year (in light of 2017/18 FY Australian Tax Office Notice of Assessment)
  3. * Existing property is esteemed at under $3 million
  4. * There is at present no sunlight based PV framework introduced at the property
Solar panel rebate for homeowners:
In order to help all Australian house owners so that they can control their energy bills. Under the discount plot homeowners can apply to get $________ off their solar panel installation and this will be at Point of Sale, when the house owner has been affirmed qualification to guarantee a refund from applied solar.
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